Monday, October 11, 2010


For those of you who are tired of all my complaining here are some pictures.

These are the most wonderful invention ever!
They are layers of pastry, chocolate, sweet bean, and apple. only 80Y.

I love Japanese Bakeries

In Kyoto

I saw this on the way home.
It was rather disturbing as the chopsticks go up and down.
I had a video, but I can't find it.

These pictures are from the Danjiri Matsuri, in the south of Osaka.
The different neighborhoods each have a cart which they pull through the streets alternately fast and slow.

We also visited the local castle.

This is not a model, it is a view from the top of the castle.

This picture was taken about a week after the other pictures.
It was rather shocking to me to find the field this way.

These fish are as long as my arm.

Be Careful, I always burn my mouth.

Ferris Wheel in Osaka on top of the Mall

outside of Osaka Jo

Osaka Jo
Get there before 4:30 because it closes!


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