Monday, October 11, 2010


   This is the first post to my first blog.
 I am an undergraduate studying for my bachelors degree in Fine Arts at Kansas State University. This will be my final semester before I graduate. My emphasis is in Ceramics(aka pottery).

 For some time I have been interested in Japan. I am drawn both to it's ceramic traditions as well as it's rich cultural tradition and history. I visited Japan in 2005 on a missions trip with the Navigators for two months, and have had a heart for the Japanese people. I really enjoyed my stay and left with the intention of returning.

I have been studying at K-State for three years. I came to K-State partially because it offered Japanese language courses. Even at the beginning of my studies at K-State I wanted to study in Japan. My sister, Michaela, had just returned from a study abroad trip to China which she had really enjoyed. This spring I began the process of applying to study abroad in Japan. It was a very long process and should not be put off to the last moment. I had to apply to both my school and Kansai Gaidai(the Japanese University). I applied for scholarships through my Study Abroad Office at my university as well as some outside. The school gave me two scholarships, one of which I had to do a project involving informing others about the opportunities that are available. If you have any inclination to see other countries this is a great way to do it. As a collage student we have relatively few commitments, and there are people out there who will give you money to do it. It will also broaden your horizons.

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