Monday, October 18, 2010

Around Campus

The first week that you come to Kansai Gaidai you will stay in the Seminar Houses. You get to walk back and forth between campus to go to Orientation. In Orientation you get told all the information that you could possibly need about Campus.
I am going to tell you about the things that you do daily.
First The Center for International Education (CIE).
This is where you practically live. 

You have your classes here, this is a speaking classroom.
You wait in the CIE student lounge between classes.

You pick up your school mail here.
You can use the internet and printers here. There is also wifi which is decent if there are not to many people trying to use it.
If you have any questions about anything you can ask The CIE staff here.
This is the Language Lab for listening and speaking practice.
We also have our other classes here in the CIE. This is my ceramics classroom. There is also Sumie (brush painting), but I am not in that class. The culture and business classes are on the fourth floor. Language classrooms are in the second floor and the teacher's offices are on the third floor.

When you are not at the CIE you are probably eating.
The first option is the cafeteria, which is very decently priced, and has good food. There is a table at the front with the day's options.
If you don't want to eat there there is the Convini, and McDonald's across the way.
If you don't want to eat indoors you can eat outside
If you don't have money you can use one of the ATMs. They are on either side of the amphitheater.

The Post Office Bank can be used if you have a checking account with a 4 digit pin number and a cirrus of plus on your bank card. The post office bank is every where in Japan, so it is very handy.

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